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El Camino del Sol invites you to interact with the environment and the local community. Once you pass over the bridge, you are home. Large lots reveal stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush mountains of Central America.

Our address

El Camino del Sol
San Juan del Sur

Nicaragua 011-505-8368-3943
or U.S. (805) 426-5296
Email: info@elcaminodelsol.com

About Nicaragua

About Nicaragua

The safest country in Central America, Nicaragua is divided into several regions, or departments. El Camino del Sol is located in the southwestern department of Rivas, which is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and Lake Nicaragua to the east. The tenth largest body of fresh water in the world, Lake Nicaragua creates refreshing breezes that blow away insects and provide excellent surfing conditions on the coast year round.

Country Information


Tourism has swiftly become Nicaragua’s number one industry. In comparison to neighboring Costa Rica’s talent for attracting foreigners, Nicaragua has long been beneath the radar.  That’s about to change.  With more than a 33% increase in tourism over the last five years, the country is making leaps and bounds in developing its rapidly growing tourism sector.  Poised to both fuel the economy and elevate the country’s profile, it’s easy to see why many are calling Nicaragua the new up-and-coming hot spot.

Law 306

Enacted in 1999, Law 306 offers foreigners a generous incentive to invest in Nicaragua: no property or income taxes for ten years, and no tax on necessary supplies to execute your business plan during the same period. The tax break applies to any business investment over $30,000 that attracts tourists to the country and was developed in the hopes that investors will use the savings to reinvest in their business plan. Law 306, which must be applied for sixty days in advance, is the most aggressive pro-tourism legislature to be enacted in Latin America to date.

Foreign Trade Promotional Law 344

Law 344 establishes equal treatment of foreign and domestic investments, eliminates restrictions on the way in which foreign capital can enter the country, and recognizes the foreign investor’s right to own and use property without limitation.

Articles About Nicaragua

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Local Info

San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is experiencing one of the country’s biggest real estate booms thanks to its beautiful coastline and appealing quality of life. The town has an approximate population of 18,500 and seven real estate offices.

The gorgeous shots that speak for themselves: the area is pristine, and the town is thriving.

The San Juan del sur Bay

The picturesque bay of San Juan del Sur is home to dozens of fishing boats and yachts, as well as miles of white sandy beach. Perfect for wading, swimming, or kayaking, the calm waters of the bay beckon to you.

The New Marina

Construction has begun on an extensive new marina in the south corner of the bay of San Juan del Sur. With the best surf breaks and coastal tours just minutes away, the vast potential of this multi-million dollar project is apparent.

Community of San Juan del Sur

The community of San Juan del Sur is vibrant and welcoming. Friendly street vendors, restaurants, shops and bars pepper the charming village as do various beachside hotels and other small businesses. The town celebrates life 365 days a year and hosts fireworks and drum parades almost weekly for various holidays, including Semana Santa (“Holy Week”), the most festive annual event.

San Juan del Sur is close to both colonial Granada, the oldest city in the Americas (established in 1524), and the Costa Rican border at Peñas Blancas, just 18.5 kilometers away. El Camino del Sol’s own historic mango grove is also not to be missed, and the best part is that it’s only a few minutes walk from your front door.